4 Reasons to stop buying coffee pods

For years, pod coffee makers were a perfect choice due to their convenience and speed. However, as a conscious consumer and coffee lover, I have discovered that this method is no longer the best option.

My decision to stop using coffee pod machines and switch to specialty coffee beans through a subscription has been driven by four crucial aspects that affect the environment and my personal experience with this stimulating beverage.

Factor 1. Environmental awareness

I must be honest and confess that I used to pay little attention to the environmental impact of coffee pods. The truth is that a single pod may seem harmless, but when I gathered 400 pods together (100 days of consumption), I became aware of the amount of pollution I was generating. See the images below:

After weighing 400 pods, I found they collectively amounted to 6 kilograms!

This was something I couldn’t easily ignore. Although some brands claim that their pods are recyclable, the reality is that a large percentage ends up in landfills and oceans, taking decades or even centuries to decompose.

This fact has led me to reflect on my responsibility as a consumer and the need to adopt more sustainable practices.

I can enjoy my coffee without generating significant amounts of plastic waste by switching to specialty coffee beans. Moreover, I can support producers committed to sustainable and fair trade practices by choosing a coffee subscription.

Factor 2. Cost and accessibility

Initially, coffee pods appeared to be a budget-friendly option; however, as time passed, I observed a concerning rise in their prices, coinciding with a decline in my purchasing power. This trend is particularly noticeable with well-known brands like Nespresso, where the cost per pod now ranges between $0.5 and $0.6.

This led me to opt for cheaper pod varieties (even compatible ones), which were not always my favorites. Other times, I had to buy more pods than I needed to save a few dollars.

After searching for a more cost-effective and sustainable approach, I opted for a super-automatic coffee maker and an online subscription to specialty coffees. These combined solutions have proven to be economically beneficial in the long run.

For only $500 I purchased my bean-to-cup coffee machine, and there are many excellent models for that price. Here are just some examples:

The cost per cup of coffee has significantly decreased, ranging from $0.15 to $0.25, resulting in considerable savings in my daily coffee consumption. Also, I enjoy a more satisfying experience with high-quality coffee without searching the internet for coffee pod deals.

My expenses with my coffee pod machine:

  • Daily consumption in pods (4 coffees): $2.40.
  • Monthly consumption in pods: $72.00.
  • Annual consumption in pods: $864.00.

Option with coffee maker and 12-month subscription:

  • First payment with coffee maker and one month of coffee: $520,00.
  • Monthly consumption of coffee beans: $20,00.
  • Annual consumption of coffee beans: $240,00.

💰 First-year savings with coffee maker purchase: $104,00.

💰 Second-year savings with coffee beans only: $624,00.

Factor 3. Coffee quality

The taste of coffee has become increasingly important to me, and over time, I noticed that coffee pods did not always meet my expectations. I found it more challenging to enjoy the flavor of pods without adding sugar and milk, which increased my expenses and added calories to my daily diet.

By switching to specialty coffee beans, I have discovered a wide variety of flavors and aromas that satisfy my increasingly perceptive palate. The freshness and quality of freshly ground coffee enhance its unique characteristics, allowing me to enjoy it without adding sweeteners or additives.

This has not only improved my coffee experience but has also benefited my health and well-being.

Factor 4. Speed and cleanliness in preparation

One of the aspects that attracted me most to coffee pod machines was the speed and cleanliness of coffee preparation. However, upon further research, I discovered that there are equally fast and clean options for specialty coffee beans.

The coffee maker I acquired is just as efficient as a coffee pod machine regarding preparation speed (you get a cup of coffee ready in less than 1.40 minutes) and does not require immediate cleaning after each use.

This allows me to enjoy the same convenience offered by coffee pod machines but with the satisfaction of knowing that I am not generating harmful waste for the environment.


My transition from coffee pods to specialty coffee beans through a coffee subscription has been a wise choice in many aspects:

  1. Savings: By comparing the yearly cost of using coffee pods, which was $864.00, with the new annual expense of $240.00 through a subscription to specialty coffee beans, I saved over $100.00 in the first year and will save more than $600.00 in the second year.
  2. Reduced carbon footprint: By avoiding pods, I have contributed to environmental preservation by reducing plastic waste generated.
  3. Improved coffee quality: Specialty coffee beans have provided me a more gratifying and authentic taste experience. I enjoy coffees with unique aromas and nuances. My palate has been fully satisfied without adding sugar or milk.
  4. Convenience and sustainability: The coffee maker has proven to be as fast and convenient as pod coffee makers in terms of preparation.
  5. Support for sustainable producers: By choosing specialty coffee backed by sustainable and fair trade practices, I contribute to coffee communities’ well-being and responsible cultivation.

So, if you’re looking for a more conscious and enjoyable way to savor your daily cup of coffee, I encourage you to consider the option of specialty coffee beans and coffee subscriptions that, like me, will allow you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while taking care of the planet.

Remember that every choice matters in building a more sustainable and responsible world!

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