About Me

Hello and welcome to Doctorcafetera.com,

I am Pablo Barrantes Nevado, the coffee enthusiast and founder of this site, which is dedicated to everything related to coffee makers and the world of coffee. In this space, I offer you a variety of practical guides to solve any problem with your coffee maker, as well as in-depth knowledge about coffee theory and much more.

Pablo Barrantes Doctor Cafetera

I have to admit that my weakness has always been endless conversations with good company and even better coffee. Find a cozy place serving an authentic espresso or a wonderful cappuccino with froth until the last sip.

I studied industrial engineering at the University of Extremadura (Spain), where after six years, I completed a degree that was supposed to last three years. But before judging me, you should know that I worked in coffee shops while I was studying. And I also spent a lot of time in the university cafeteria :).

My friends and family always came to me when they had doubts about coffee or needed to repair their coffee makers… remember that I am an industrial engineer. I’m pretty good at assembling and disassembling things. So, one day, I started writing down everything they asked me so I wouldn’t have to repeat the same thing ten times. I tell them, “That’s already written on the website.”

Recently, I have deepened my coffee knowledge by completing several barista courses: Professional Barista – Mare Terra Coffee Institute (December 2023) and SCA Intermediate Certification – Mare Terra Coffee Institute (December 2023).

So stick around here, and if you ever need help with anything, let me know through the comments. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Best regards, Pablo.