How to grind coffee for each extraction method

Types of grinding according to the quality of the grinder

In this article, I will talk about grinding, a very important topic when preparing coffee but often underestimated. We all know that roasted coffee comes to us in beans, and we must grind it to make an infusion and thus drink it. Where we do it, and the size of the grind that we obtain …

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Flair Royal grinder

Molinillo Flair Royal

In this article, I will continue with Flair’s series, discussing their great Royal hand grinder. Being a Flair product, of course, its specialty is grinding for espresso, but it can also be used for other filtered methods. Flair Royal grinder features This grinder has a thick cloth case to keep it safe when traveling. Inside …

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Hario Mini Slim Plus grinder

Molinillo Hario Mini Slim Plus

One very important tool I always recommend as a first purchase is the coffee grinder. Today I want to share my experience with a basic manual grinder. Here I present the Hario Mini Slim, in the Plus version that replaces the previous model and has some minor improvements, mainly in aesthetics and functionality in the …

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5 Accessories to improve coffee extraction

Coffee Whisk

We all want the best quality coffee, but this depends greatly on its extraction. Even if you use an exceptional coffee bean and a good espresso machine, the final result can be deficient if you do not have a good grinder. The good news is that this can be solved; just by using a couple …

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What is the cheapest espresso grinder?

Differences between Sage the smart grinder pro and Hario mini slim plus

Choosing the best grinder for our espressos is strongly influenced by its cost and our budget. If we had infinite money this article would be about much more advanced (and expensive) grinders, and I wouldn’t even consider using a manual one. I will share with you my personal experience and a comparison between two different …

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