Traditional vs. modern cappuccino

Traditional Cappuccino

Nowadays, if you ask for a cappuccino in different coffee shops, you can find many different drinks with the same name. We can find glass jugs with three layers, giant bowls with cream, cinnamon, and chocolate, or some with lots of foam sticking out of the cup. We can also find smaller cups with more …

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How to brew coffee with a Chemex maker

Café recien preparado con la cafetera Chemex

If you have recently acquired a Chemex, you should know that on the one hand, you have a beautiful coffee maker that will look perfect in any part of your home, and on the other hand, it will prepare delicious filtered coffees that are hard to match. However, mastering the technique of preparing coffee with …

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How to prepare coffee with the Hario V60 maker

Place 30 grams of coffee and add 60 grams of water for 45 seconds

Preparing coffee with this coffee maker that has become a work of art requires a certain technique. But to prepare coffee with the Hario V60, it is necessary first to understand the history of the iconic coffee maker and the reason for its design. Hario has been a manufacturer of heat-resistant ecological glass since 1921, …

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How to prepare coffee with a Moka pot

Corriente fluida de café durante la extracción

The engineer Mario Bialetti created the first Moka pot in 1933. For this simple design, Bialetti was inspired by the functioning of the first washing machines, giving rise to an icon of Italian culture. The Moka pot is one of the world’s best-known and most widely used coffee-making methods. However, not all people use it …

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How to prepare cold brew coffee

Cómo preparar Cold brew con prensa francesa

For those who do not know, cold brew consists of a cold infusion where the coffee is extracted with cold water or at room temperature. This type of beverage is very popular both in coffee shops and to prepare at home since it is super easy to make and is a very good option for …

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How to prepare coffee with a cloth filter

cómo preparar café con filtro de tela

The cloth filter is the oldest coffee filtering method in the world; it emerged at the end of the 17th century and was, for a long time, the only way to prepare coffee. Depending on how old you are, you probably had (or have) one of these at home. Depending on the country from where …

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How to prepare coffee with a siphon maker

El agua empieza a hervir y a subir

In this article, I will show you how to prepare an incredible coffee using a siphon coffee maker. Maybe some of you have already seen a coffee maker of this style and are considering buying one. Maybe others already have one but want to improve their technique, so here I will tell you how to …

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How to prepare Irish coffee, three great recipes!

La receta del café irlandés

Today I will teach you how to prepare the best Irish coffee that, to be honest, I never order in bars since I know they are not using quality coffee. This is an ideal recipe to prepare at home, enjoy a relaxed weekend afternoon, or share with friends after lunch. To find the best Irish …

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Vietnamese egg coffee

Egg Coffee

With this article, I return to the section of recipes with coffee, and today I bring you one that I tried a few months ago when I made a trip to Southeast Asia and was in Vietnam. This country is incredible, with a millenary history that captivated me, both for its culture and people. In …

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Almond milk cappuccino

Cappuccino con leche de almendras

I welcome you back to another coffee recipe article. This time we will see how to prepare one of my great favorites, an almond milk cappuccino, and the best of all is that we will make it at home, without a machine, just with a French Press. In some parts of the world, vegetable milk …

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How to prepare a Ristretto

Volumen del café

On this occasion, I welcome you to a new article in which I will talk about a coffee recipe that has been well-known for a long time in the coffee world, the Ristretto. I will also debunk some myths and explain why most baristas prepare them incorrectly. What is the Ristretto Ristretto comes from Italian …

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How to prepare Bulletproof coffee

Café bulletproof

I give you a warm welcome to this new article, where we will see a recipe that maybe you have heard before, or maybe not; it is bulletproof coffee. When I first heard about this drink, it didn’t catch my attention and seemed strange. I will explain briefly if you have no idea what I …

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How to prepare Boba Latte coffee

Boba Latte

I welcome you to a new article on recipes with coffee. In this case, I will make a very special one, not very well known in some countries yet, but in others, yes. In Asia, it is a craze everywhere, and all the store’s lines and lines are waiting for this drink. In another article, …

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How to prepare coffee with the French Press

Coloca los 30 gramos de café molido y los 500 gramos de agua a 95 ºC

Preparing coffee with the French Press is relatively easy, but it isn’t easy to do it with the correct technique to obtain the most delicious coffee. Many people think the French Press (brand and model) used is unimportant since we are talking about coffee extraction by immersion. However, I will show you why having a …

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What is an Americano and how is it prepared?

Americano coffee and its proportions between coffee and water

Americano is prepared with one part espresso and two parts hot water. In the traditional way of preparing it, an espresso (or double espresso) is extracted in a large cup to which two parts of hot water are added. The Americano is well known worldwide, being one of the most requested coffee beverages in coffee …

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10 Easy cold coffee drinks to prepare at home

Bebidas frías de café

Welcome to the world of cold coffee drinks! Cold coffee is a delicious option for those looking for a way to enjoy coffee on hot summer days or simply a way to change up your hot coffee drinking routine. From classics like iced coffee to more innovative ones like nitro coffee and cold lattes, there …

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All espresso-based drinks

Máquina de espresso

Espresso is a coffee beverage that has become very popular worldwide. It is characterized as a concentrated, strong coffee with a dense cream. From this basic coffee, various drinks have been created that have become favorites among coffee lovers. This article will explore the different espresso-based drinks, their ingredients, and how they are prepared. They …

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What is a Cortado and how is it prepared?

Cortado clásico español

A Cortado is a single (or double) espresso to which a few drops of milk (or a splash) are added to reduce the flavor and soften the bitterness of the coffee. The Cortado is a very popular way of drinking coffee in Spain, which consists of drinking a hot espresso to which a splash of …

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What is a lungo coffee and how is it prepared?

Cómo preparar un Lungo

A lungo coffee is an espresso with a ratio of 1:4 to 1:5; that is to say, for each gram of ground coffee, we obtain 4 to 5 grams of the final beverage. If we use 15 grams of coffee, instead of extracting 30 grams of coffee as we did with espresso (1:2 ratio), we …

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What it is and how to make a perfect Affogato coffee

Café Affogato en vasos de cristal altos

With the arrival of good weather, the desire to enjoy cold drinks always increases. I already explained how to prepare 10 cold coffee drinks at home, and among them was the classic Affogato. But today, I’m going to delve deeper into this coffee with ice cream, which I love so much. Since I have such …

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What is a café Manchado and how is it prepared?

e prepara en una taza pequeña, combinando un solo espresso con una pequeña cantidad de leche espumada en proporciones de 1:1. Es una bebida bien conocida para los amantes del café que prefieren un sabor más concentrado y menos dulce. A diferencia de bebidas con leche como el latte o el cappuccino, el Espresso Macchiato tiene un sabor fuerte y menos cremoso.

To explain what a Café Manchado is and how it is prepared, I will use my childhood memories and explain my first experience with coffee in Spain. About 3 decades ago, when I was just a child of 8 or 9, I spent my summers in my parents’ town, where all my cousins met for …

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