Ratio and extraction of espresso coffee

Cómo preparar un espresso

In today’s article, I want to talk about the basics of espresso coffee, the differences between ristretto and lungo, and their role in coffee shops. Espresso is the most common coffee beverage served in coffee shops worldwide. I will begin by talking a little about the problems we encounter when ordering an espresso in coffee …

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Espresso: dosage, ratio, grind and temperature

Espresso doble

This is the first of several articles I would like to write exclusively about espresso. To know and understand espresso, you must first acquire theoretical knowledge. As this may be a bit extensive, today, I will only deal with the concepts of dosage, ratio, grind, and temperature. What is an espresso? Espresso is a coffee-making …

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Does cappuccino coffee have caffeine?

Does cappuccino coffee have caffeine

I confess that my favorite coffee drink is cappuccino, and when I combine it with vegetable milk such as soy, oat, or almond, I take it to a higher level. I get all the coffee’s flavor mixed with the vegetable milk’s naturalness. But then the question arises: does cappuccino have caffeine? As it is a …

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How to reduce the bitterness of coffee


It is impossible to completely eliminate the bitterness of coffee since it is a characteristic of coffee. However, the bitter taste should not overshadow the rest of the flavors in the cup. Therefore, when brewing coffee, we should always try to find the perfect balance where the bitterness does not dominate the rest of the …

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What is a coffee refractometer and how is it used?

Añado unas gotas de café al refractómetro con el menú en coffee TDS

Today I will talk about a very interesting instrument, especially for those interested in the more scientific side of coffee. If you want to know a little more about bean extraction and how this affects the taste of the coffee, the refractometer will help you in that sense. The refractometer is a small electronic device …

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What is espresso crema? Is it really important?

Crema del espresso

The crema has long been an indicator of espresso quality. A correct crema determined whether the barista was competent and whether factors such as grind setting, pressure, or temperature were correct. The crema itself was what people used to understand or assume that espresso was of quality. However, there are not many specific books or …

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Coffee blends vs single origins – which is best?

Café de origen único

In today’s article, I would like to talk about a very controversial topic in the coffee world. I am referring to the differences between coffee blend and single origin coffee. I will explain clearly and simply what each coffee consists of and which one is the best according to your tastes, as well as other …

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What is the best water to prepare coffee?

Ingredients for the preparation of water

It has been a long time since I should have talked about the water we use to prepare coffee since this topic is very important. However, it is an issue we tend to overlook, so if you want to improve the coffees you prepare, this article will greatly help you. Water is one of the …

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Espresso channeling – What is it, and how to avoid it?

Cómo identificar la canalización al momento de la extracción

This article will explain the main mistake or problem when preparing espresso. To achieve a perfect espresso, you must follow many steps and understand the theory very well; that’s why espresso extraction is the most complicated of all extraction techniques. If you cannot extract a good espresso, even if you have the ideal equipment and …

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Acidity in coffee

The acidity of coffee

In a previous article, I talked about bitterness in coffee, so now I will talk about acidity, which is a little more complex than bitterness. After that article, we concluded that bitterness is a negative characteristic of coffee and that if it is present, it is because something along the entire coffee chain (from the …

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Why does my coffee taste watery?

Tamaños comunes de las cestas para espresso

How many times have you had a coffee that tasted watery, without body or flavor? I am not referring to over-extracted, purely bitter coffees but to those that taste more like water with a coffee flavor than anything else. Many times this happens at home when we prepare it ourselves, but other times it can …

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What is coffee cupping, and how is it done?

Limpiar residuos y espuma para mayor claridad

Coffee cupping is a process through which the organoleptic characteristics of a coffee are analyzed and evaluated. It is carried out through a series of steps and specific techniques to determine the qualities of aroma, flavor, acidity, body, and aftertaste of the coffee, among others. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of …

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What is the best water temperature to prepare coffee?

Water temperature control in a thermostatically controlled espresso coffee machine

The water temperature is one of the most important factors to consider when preparing coffee. The ideal temperature is between 195ºF and 205ºF, depending on the extraction method, the coffee bean you use, its grind, and the degree of roasting. Although the temperature is very important during extraction, I consider it a controlling factor, not …

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Why does a coffee taste burnt?

Café quemado o agua sucia

It must have happened to you as it did to me that sometimes in coffee shops and supermarkets, I find coffees that have an unpleasantly strong, burnt, and bitter taste. On the other hand, sometimes, the coffee tastes watery and flat in flavor. This article will explore the possible causes behind these errors and how …

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What is instant coffee and how is it prepared?

Café soluble

Unlike traditional methods of roasting, grinding, and extracting raw coffee, instant coffee undergoes a more complex industrial treatment that involves processes such as freeze-drying and atomization, which help the coffee obtain higher quality and flavor. In this article, I will tell you all about the production process of instant (or soluble) coffee and analyze whether …

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What is coffee aroma and how does it originate?

Aromas del café

Coffee is a beverage that we usually drink on a daily basis without paying much attention to its aroma, but in reality, its flavor and fragrance are intrinsically linked. During roasting, coffee develops up to 800 aromatic substances that contribute to its taste and smell. Floral, spicy, chocolate, tobacco, hazelnut, and fruit notes can be …

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Coffee and its different flavors

Taste receptors on the tongue

Coffee is one of the most loved and popular beverages worldwide. Its unmistakable aroma and flavor make it the perfect companion for waking up in the morning, taking a break from work, or enjoying a get-together with friends and family. It is difficult to imagine a day without coffee, as it has become integral to …

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Qualities and defects of coffee: glossary of terms

El glosario para definir las cualidades del café

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide; its complexity and diversity of flavors and aromas make it truly fascinating. However, to fully appreciate coffee’s qualities, it is necessary to understand a set of terms to describe its different characteristics. In this article, you will find a complete and easy-to-follow guide that describes the …

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What is the purpose of the colorimeter in coffee?

Escala Agtron

Within the exciting world of coffee, we find a tool that plays a fundamental role when certifying the degree of roast of the beans or ground coffee: the colorimeter. This device has become a valuable ally for the experts in the coffee industry. Its advanced technology allows for obtaining objective measurements that facilitate quality control …

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Why is coffee roasted?

Por qué se tuesta el café

Roasting is an essential coffee process that goes beyond the simple extraction of flavors and aromas; it involves the application of carefully controlled heat to trigger a series of chemical reactions that shape the character and quality of the coffee. It is important to understand the origin of the verb “to roast“, which comes from …

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