Delonghi Dedica differences: EC680, EC685, EC785 & EC885

The first model of the Delonghi Dedica is already a decade old. Introduced to the general public in early December 2013 in Italy, it has been a sales success for Delonghi for its ease of use, the quality of the coffee it produces, and its low price. Thanks to this, this coffee maker has evolved into models such as the EC685, EC785 and EC885.

With these new models, Delonghi has expanded the color palette of the Dedica, perfected features such as the steam wands, and incorporated accessories that completely transform the experience of preparing a cup of coffee with a coffee maker that was already born excellent.

➡️ The original Delonghi Dedica EC680 model

The Delonghi EC680 not only marked the beginning of the Dedica series but also set the standard for quality and elegance in the world of home espresso machines at a very low price (299$), less than half the price of coffee makers such as the Rancilio Silvia or the Gaggia Classic, which cost more than 500$.

With its slim design and small footprint, the EC680 broke with the boxy espresso machine designs of the time. It continues to be an attractive option for those seeking an exceptional coffee experience at a low price and reduced footprint.

Design and style of the Delonghi EC680

The Delonghi Dedica EC680 stands out for its compact and attractive design, characterized by an elegant and minimalist structure. This coffee maker integrates harmoniously into any kitchen corner, taking up minimal space thanks to its well-thought-out design.

In terms of appearance, this coffee maker model offers a color palette that includes stainless steel, vibrant red, classic white, and matte black. The EC680 allows you to customize your coffee experience according to your style.

Brewing time and beverage variety

The EC680 is designed with a revolutionary “Thermoblock” heating element, which ensures optimal temperature in record time. Extraction time is between 25 and 30 seconds from a cold start, giving you the convenience of enjoying your perfect espresso in less than 1 minute.

As for the variety of drinks, this coffee maker is not only limited to preparing exceptional espressos but also incorporates a special steaming wand that facilitates the creation of a smooth and creamy foam for those latte and cappuccino lovers who have no experience in steaming milk.

Insert the wand into the milk, and the brewer does it all for the user.

Ease of use

With intuitive controls and a simple panel, the Delonghi Dedica EC680 makes coffee brewing accessible to everyone. In addition, maintenance is simple thanks to its automatic descaling function, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Additional features

The Delonghi Dedica EC680 stands out for its 15-bar pressure pump and an overpressure valve (with a simple internal spring), ensuring a uniform extraction of 9 bars. It also has a removable drip tray for easy cleaning and a 1.1-liter water tank that allows you to prepare dozens of consecutive cups of coffee.

➡️ Five years later came the Delonghi Dedica EC685.

Since the launch of the EC680 model, the Dedica series has evolved with the introduction of the EC685 model. This new machine strongly resembles the previous model but introduces “small improvements” that elevate the coffee preparation experience.

The most obvious difference is revealed in the drip tray, now marked with the “Dedica” badge, and an additional small tray that adds a touch of practicality to the design. In addition, the frothing wand on this model includes two different settings: one for “hot milk” and another specifically designed for cappuccinos.

Another difference compared to the EC680 model is the rubber extension on the frothing wand, which allows the nozzle to be immersed deeper into the milk, resulting in an optimal texture and consistency.

➡️ The Delonghi Dedica EC785 starts to become more professional

The arrival of the EC785 model marks the next evolutionary stage among Delonghi Dedica coffee makers. This coffee maker features improvements and additions that further elevate the coffee brewing experience for lovers of quality and versatility.

One of the outstanding features of the EC785 model is the improved wand with increased steaming and frothing capacity for even more exceptional milk textures.

On the other hand, we can also find the inclusion of valuable accessories such as a metal tamper with a base and a milk frothing carafe. This addition not only improves the preparation process but also provides users with everything they need to get started in the world of coffee.

In this model, the esthetic part is highlighted by adding additional colors, such as beige, pink, and gray. Thus highlighting the constant evolution and adaptation of the Dedica line to meet coffee lovers’ changing demands and growing standards worldwide.

➡️ Delonghi Dedica EC885: the current model

What distinguishes the EC885 model from the others is its steam wand, the same one used in the La Specialista line of espresso machines. This guarantees a significantly higher foam production compared to previous generation wands. In addition, the design eliminates any concerns about burns during use.

Outstanding features:

  • Outstanding performance: Despite its compact size of only 15 cm wide, the EC885 offers outstanding performance with a 15-bar pressure heating system.
  • Versatility in preparation: Equipped with two sizes of filter baskets, it can hold up to 16 grams of coffee for a more flavorful and intense espresso.
  • Manual milk texturization: The My LatteArt steam wand allows you to manually texturize the milk, offering a perfect froth and an authentic barista experience.
  • Adaptability to tall cups: Remove the drip tray for more space to accommodate cups up to 12 cm high.
  • Sleek and compact design: With a stainless steel body, this machine provides exceptional performance and adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen space.


The Delonghi Dedica line of coffee machines offers exceptional espresso and milk foam at an affordable price. Each model, while sharing a common base, is distinguished by progressive improvements, with the steaming wand being the jewel that evolves.

Individual preferences shape the choice between models, and herein lies the importance of the steaming wand as the deciding factor for those who value the unique fusion of coffee and milk.

The EC885 model is ideal for those seeking a complete and refined experience in the milk company. On the other hand, classic models such as the EC680 and EC685 are the perfect choice for pure espresso lovers, fulfilling every cup’s essential characteristics.

The Dedica line, in its diversity, demonstrates that excellence in coffee can be adapted to every preference and lifestyle.

Written by Pablo Barrantes Nevado
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