Delonghi drip troubleshooting

Delonghi is renowned for its diverse product range, which includes everything from Nespresso and Dolce Gusto compatible coffee pod machines to its exclusive line of super-automatic espresso and drip coffee makers. This guide will address common issues with Delonghi drip coffee makers, including combination (combi) models.

Important: This guide will focus only on issues related to the drip component for combi coffee machines. Any problems related to the espresso function of these models have already been detailed in previous guides, which you can check here.

Coffee does not come out of the Delonghi drip maker drip area

Fortunately, Delonghi drip coffee makers are not very complex in their internal structure, with few components and very well distributed. Although it will be rare for the drip jar heater to fail, it can happen.

This type of coffee maker is designed so that any excess temperature or current does not damage its internal components. To protect the coffee maker and the user, Delonghi uses thermal fuses that open the circuit in case of a failure.

Issue: The thermal base of the drip jar does not heat up, no sound is heard, and no coffee comes out from the top of the jar.

Cause: One of the two thermal fuses is blown, or the thermostat has malfunctioned.

Solution: Disassemble the Delonghi and access the thermal fuses and the thermostat (with the coffee maker turned off and disconnected from the power source). Check for continuity with a multimeter; if any of these components do NOT show continuity, they must be replaced.

Thermo fuses and thermostat of the Delonghi drip coffee maker
Thermo fuses and thermostat of the Delonghi drip coffee maker

Delonghi drip maker pours very little coffee

Most problems in drip coffee makers are caused by the accumulation of limescale inside the machine. Regularly, limescale builds up on the walls of the pipes, clogging valves and other parts that prevent the water from flowing with sufficient pressure.

The problem: Every time we try to prepare a coffee with our Delonghi drip coffee maker, we notice that very little coffee comes out of the drop zone. However, we see that the base does get hot.

The cause: There is a plastic tube with a valve inside located at the outlet of the thermoblock dedicated to preparing drip coffee. If this tube becomes clogged by limescale, it will not allow the water to flow properly through the top of the drop zone. However, if the base continues to heat up, it is a sign that the thermoblock is working properly.

The solution:

  1. Turn off and unplug the coffee maker.
  2. Disassemble the coffee maker.
  3. Access the plastic tube, disassemble it, and clean it with white vinegar. If it is impossible to clean, replace it with a new one.
Delonghi BCO valve inside a pipe
Delonghi BCO valve inside a pipe

Delonghi maker does not work at all

The fact that we can hear the water boiling indicates that the thermoblock works properly. The coffee maker draws water from the reservoir and heats it to rule out that the water entering the thermoblock is a possible problem.

The problem: The coffee maker boils the water inside, but no coffee comes into the decanter.

The cause: There are two possible causes for this problem:

  1. When placed in the machine, the valve that presses the coffee carafe is not working.
  2. An internal pipe from the thermoblock outlet to the coffee maker’s top is disconnected.

The solution: In case the cause is the valve not working, make sure that the carafe is properly put in place by pressing the valve. If the carafe is in place, you should focus on checking the valve in depth.

In case there is a disconnected pipe, you should disassemble the coffee maker and look inside for disconnected pipes at the outlet of the thermoblock to reconnect them.

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