Delonghi Magnifica troubleshooting

Selecting the right coffee beans when using our Delonghi Magnifica can prevent future problems with the grinder and infuser. And “right beans” means those with a medium roast. Unfortunately, this importance often goes unnoticed until our Magnifica shows signs of malfunction.

Many users encounter the sudden stop of their coffee maker’s grinding function, either after a period of inactivity or suddenly for no apparent reason. Similarly, there are cases in which the coffee maker interrupts the coffee brewing process, almost as if it lacks the power to extract the coffee. On a positive note, most situations can be resolved with simple remedies.

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Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker grinder issues

Issue 1: Poor coffee grinding performance

Problem: The DeLonghi Magnifica consistently produces poorly ground coffee, regardless of adjustments made to the amount of coffee or the grinding level.

Cause: This issue stems from using overly darkly roasted coffee beans, excessively oily, or even containing added sugars during roasting. These ingredients adhere to the grinder’s burrs, forming a tough layer that coats the cutting edges.


  • Disassemble the side panels of the machine and disconnect the black wires leading from the grinder to the control board. Photograph the wire connections for reference:
Disconnect the wires from the control board
Disconnect the wires from the control board
  • Use a wooden tool (never metal) to clean the coffee outlet funnel. Sometimes, humidity can cause the funnel to become obstructed with hardened coffee.
Clean the grinder outlet funnel
Clean the grinder outlet funnel
  • Clean loose coffee grounds around the burrs and identify where the coffee has solidified. It may be lodged between the burrs or the ground coffee outlet funnel.

➡️ If the grinder is blocked, follow these steps to remove the burrs to clean them with soap and water:

  • Remove the bean hopper screws to gain full access to the grinder and remove it from the machine.
Loosen the hopper screws
Loosen the hopper screws

Note: Once you have removed the hopper, you must be very careful when handling the grinder, paying special attention to the bearings of the grinding degree selector wheel mechanism.

Bearings under the grinding degree selector
Bearings under the grinding degree selector
  • Turn the grinding selector all the way to the end, as you see in the picture below. At this point, you can remove the outer grinding burr by pulling it upwards.
Turn the grinding selector to its extreme position
Turn the grinding selector to its extreme position
  • Unscrew the upper Torx screw by turning it clockwise to loosen it.
  • Carefully remove the center burr, ensuring not to lose the three bearings and springs attached to the base. Take photos to facilitate reassembly.
Completely disassemble the grinder
Completely disassemble the grinder
  • Clean all parts with the wooden tool to remove coffee residue.
  • Wash the burrs with soap and water to remove coffee oils.
  • Dry all components thoroughly, reassemble the grinder, reconnect the power cables, fix the hopper, and replace the side panels.

Issue 2: Inoperative grinder

Problem: The coffee machine’s grinder does not function; neither turns nor produces sound.

Cause: This problem is likely an aggravated version of the previous issue, where coffee blockage prevents the grinder from operating successfully. This blockage can lead to motor damage.


  • Follow the steps outlined in “Issue 1” to address the problem.
  • If, even after a thorough cleaning, the grinder remains nonfunctional (no movement or sound), you will need to acquire a replacement grinder.
  • Consider searching for spare parts on various platforms, including the ones provided below, as well as Facebook Marketplace and other second-hand product pages. You might find a replacement DeLonghi Magnifica grinder for as little as $30 to $40.

Delonghi Magnifica grinder spare parts

If you, unfortunately, need a new (or second-hand) grinder to fix your Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker, you’re in luck! There is a wide range of options to help you restore your coffee brewing experience. Here are some shopping links to consider:

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing any components, please ensure their compatibility with your specific coffee maker model. *Prices and availability may vary over time.

Delonghi Magnifica grinder spare part in the US:

Delonghi Dedica grinder spare part in the UK:

Delonghi Magnifica coffee brewing issues

Problem: The DeLonghi Magnifica is not grinding enough coffee for the preparation. The grind level doesn’t appear optimal, as the coffee barely comes out, and if we increase the grind’s coarseness, the coffee is extracted weakly.

Cause: In this case, the problem isn’t directly related to the grinder but to the infuser. Accumulated residues and dirt inside the infuser can lead to blockages, preventing the water from flowing properly through the ground coffee.


  • Open the front cover of the brewing unit and carefully remove both the trays and the brewer. The brewing unit can be removed by pressing the two red side wings and pulling them towards you.
  • Disassemble the brewing until you can access the inner piston. To do this, you must remove a plastic flange from the bottom and pull the piston out from the top while removing a black piece from the bottom.
Remove the piston from the preparation group
Remove the piston from the preparation group
  • Remove the filter screen at the piston’s end; a Phillips screwdriver is all you need to remove it.
  • Thoroughly clean this metal filter before replacing it in its original position. It will be completely clean when you can see the light through its perforations by holding it up to the light.
Remove the metal screen from the top of the piston
Remove the metal screen from the top of the piston
  • Once you have completely cleaned the metal filter, you must ensure that the valve at the top of the piston moves freely. If this valve does not work, the machine will not brew coffee, and you must buy a new brewing group.
Make sure this valve works
Make sure this valve works
  • Carefully remove the O-rings, clean them thoroughly, and replace them, removing any residue. If you notice any damaged or worn gaskets, replace them with new ones in good condition.
O-Rings to be replaced
O-rings to be replaced
  • Once the components are completely clean, apply food-grade grease to the O-rings and piston body with your finger. The piston should move smoothly up and down without resistance.
  • Reassemble the piston in the infuser. Check that the piston moves smoothly and that the grease has been evenly distributed. Test the movement by raising and lowering the piston until you know its operation.
  • With the piston correctly assembled, return the infuser and trays to their respective positions inside the machine.

By following these steps, you should address the pouring issues you were experiencing with your DeLonghi Magnifica. This maintenance procedure will help ensure the optimal functioning of the infuser and improve the consistency of your coffee grounds.

Delonghi Magnifica infuser spare parts

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing any components, please ensure their compatibility with your specific coffee maker model. *Prices and availability may vary over time.

Delonghi Magnifica whole infuser spare part in the US:

Delonghi Magnifica whole infuser spare part in the UK:

My Delonghi Magnifica is very noisy (3 cases)

Normally, automatic coffee makers with an integrated grinder tend to be noisy. Still, if this noise becomes much louder for no apparent reason, you should pay close attention to your coffee maker, which may indicate that one of its parts is failing.

As a sample of the normal sounds of a Delonghi Magnifica, here is a video with all the normal processes so that you can compare them with those of your coffee maker:

1. Noise problem with the grinder

As you have seen in the previous video, the grinder should make a sharp and uniform sound, meaning the burrs rotate freely, grinding the coffee with precision.

Problem: When grinding the coffee, the grinder does not make a uniform sound; it sounds like there is a partial jam. The grinder rotates, but there is a “tac, tac, tac”…

The sound of a jammed grinder in Delonghi Magnifica

Cause: Some piece of wood or stone that contaminated the coffee is stuck between the grinding burrs, and therefore, at each rotation, you hear that “tac, tac, tac”.

Solution: Disassemble the grinder as you saw in the previous section and remove any foreign body from between the burrs.

2. Noise problems with the infuser

Problem: Every time the brewing unit changes position, a deep and continuous sound can be heard, almost like a squeaking sound. It sounds as if the Magnifica does not have enough power to move the internal parts.

Cause: Coffee residue and dirt accumulate inside the auger where the shaft that moves the brewing unit up and down slides. As the auger is jammed, the machine must make a great effort to move this part up and down, making much more noise.


  1. Open the front cover of the coffee maker.
  2. Remove the trays, the brewing unit (infuser), and its support until the auger is visible. You will need a torx head to remove the support of the brewing group.
  3. Clean the coffee machine, the auger, and the interior well, ensuring no coffee or other residues.
  4. With the help of a brush or directly with your finger, apply a little grease to facilitate the sliding of the auger.
  5. Reassembly everything as it was in the coffee maker.
Apply grease to the auger to eliminate noise.
Apply grease to the auger to eliminate noise.

Note: If the noise continues, disassemble the brewing unit, change the O-rings, and grease the piston as described before.

3. Buzzing sound when brewing coffee

Problem: The machine performs all the operations before the preparation of coffee correctly; however, when it is time to pour the coffee, a high-pitched buzzing sound is heard. Sometimes, the coffee maker does not brew coffee, and the emergency light stays on.

The buzzing sound of the Delonghi Magnifica

Cause: One of the solenoid valves is damaged or malfunctioning. These valves are placed in series in the hydraulic circuit of the Delonghi Magnifica and are small black squares.

Solenoid valve on Delonghi Magnifica S coffee maker
Solenoid valve on Delonghi Magnifica S

Solution: Locate the solenoid valve in bad condition and replace it with another one. If you feel the vibration in your finger when touching it while it is working, this valve needs to be replaced.

➡️ Make sure you buy the correct valve for the model of your Delonghi coffee machine.

Note: Some Delonghi Magnifica don´t have a solenoid valve so that any buzzing sound will come from the motor or the pump.

Water leakage in Delonghi Magnifica

Automatic coffee machines like the Delonghi Magnifica make enjoying a delicious espresso at home convenient and simple. However, you may sometimes encounter an unpleasant inconvenience: water leaks.

In this article, I will guide you through why this can happen in your Delonghi Magnifica and provide guidance to identify and resolve these issues.

Why does Delonghi Magnifica leak water?

These coffee makers are complex and precise machines that perform many synchronized operations, from grinding coffee to compacting it and extracting it accurately thousands of times a year.

Vibrations, humidity, temperature, and dirt contribute to water leaks. And while these water losses are inevitable, they can be limited with proper use of the coffee maker and regular maintenance.

Problem 1: Water running from the Delonghi Magnifica base towards the coffee maker’s rear is observed. This dripping occurs when making coffee and stops once the process is finished.

Cause 1: One of the most common causes of water leaks in the Delonghi Magnifica is that a tube or outlet valve of one of its main components, such as the pump, thermoblock, or infusion cylinder, has broken.

The Raccord hose connection for the heating element is broken
The Raccord hose connection for the heating element is broken

Despite being made of high-resistance plastic, the heat and moisture from the coffee maker can weaken these parts over time, leading them to the point of breaking.

Solution 1: First, locate the broken or cracked part to address this problem. Then, acquire an appropriate replacement part for your model of Delonghi Magnifica and proceed to replace it.

Installing the new piece is intuitive and easy; just be careful not to lose any O-rings inside the connections.

Cause 2: In some fortunate cases, water leaks may be due to one of the above pieces having shifted from its place or become loose over time. This is especially relevant in the water outlet from the pump.

Water leaks at the pump outlet
Water leaks at the pump outlet

Solution 2: Disconnect and unplug your Magnifica to address this issue. Then, carefully inspect the parts to ensure they are properly positioned. Suppose you find any parts that have shifted or become loose; clean them to remove any water and dirt buildup and reposition them.

Cause 3: Another less obvious cause of water leaks in your Delonghi Magnifica is blockages of dirt in the hydraulic system. When blockages occur in the pipes, water pressure increases and can cause leaks in unexpected places, even if no loose or damaged components exist.

Solution 3: If you suspect that dirt blockages cause water leaks, I recommend a descaling process for your Magnifica. In more severe cases, it may be necessary to disassemble all the pipes and manually clean them to remove accumulated residues.

Cause 4: Another problem you may encounter is dripping during infusion. This is often caused by the deterioration or breakage of O-rings located in the internal connections of the pipes, the infusion cylinder, and the brewing group. These O-rings are essential for maintaining a tight seal during coffee brewing.

Solution 4: To solve this issue, you should disassemble the infusion cylinder and the brewing group and replace the faulty O-rings. Make sure to acquire replacement O-rings that are compatible with your model of Delonghi Magnifica.

➡️ Once the components are completely clean, apply food-grade grease to the O-rings with your finger.

The De’Longhi Magnifica does not brew coffee

A common issue with these coffee makers is that they suddenly stop brewing coffee. While we often attribute the problem to a malfunction in the water pump, there may be other, much simpler causes to address.

Issue: When turning on the machine and attempting to brew coffee, it starts working based on the noise it makes (a loud buzzing sound), but eventually, no coffee comes out; it does not dispense water. The three lights next to the power button flash sequentially, or the water tank light keeps flashing.

Cause: If you let the water tank run out of water while the machine is running, air will enter the water system and block the water flow, preventing the machine from brewing coffee. In the case of this problem, you will need to prime the pump to expel the air it contains; follow the steps below.


  1. Turn on the Delonghi Magnifica.
  2. Ensure that the water tank is full.
  3. Place a cup under the steam nozzle.
  4. Turn the steam knob, and water will come out instead of steam. This will allow the air trapped in the water system to escape. After a few seconds, close the knob.
  5. Now, you can brew your coffee.
Turn the vaporizer on to remove internal air
Turn the vaporizer on to remove internal air

If the above doesn’t work, you may need to inspect the water pump inside the machine, as explained earlier.

DeLonghi Magnifica does not pump water or flow too slowly

DeLonghi’s Magnifica series stands out for its distinctive 15-bar pumping pressure, a departure from the traditional 9-bar standard for espresso machines. This higher pressure is necessary to propel the water through the thermoblock and the infuser cylinder, resulting in optimal extraction within the brewing group.

A comprehensive understanding of how your Magnifica’s hydraulic system operates will aid in diagnosing water pumping issues and addressing slow flow rates frequently encountered in these brewers.

How does the pumping system of a Delonghi Magnifica work?

Starting from the water tank. The water path through the pumping system starts at the water tank, a common starting point for all coffee machines.

Outlet of the water tank
Outlet of the water tank

Particulate filtration. The water passes through a compact filter designed to capture larger solid particles. This small filter ensures the purity of the water before it continues on its way.

Particle filter
Particle filter

Flow meter. Water flow is controlled by the flow meter, a critical sensor responsible for monitoring the amount of water flowing through the circuit. It ensures optimal water movement and triggers alarm signals in case of flow obstruction.

Flow meter
Flow meter

Pump actuation. The pump takes center stage, pressurizing the water to an impressive 15 bar. With this impressive pressure, the water is pushed vigorously into the thermoblock.

Water pump
Water pump

Temperature increase in the thermoblock. The inner workings of the thermoblock witness a significant rise in water temperature. This temperature rise is essential for the precise extraction of the coffee essence.


Infusion through the infuser cylinder. Water makes its way into the infuser cylinder, an element that not only compacts the coffee but also introduces the water into the brewing group. The pressure of this infusion is usually around 9 bar, which guarantees a controlled and optimal extraction.

Infuser cylinder
Infuser cylinder

The exit of the brewing group. The culmination of the brewing process is produced with the coffee already extracted coming out through a small valve located above the internal piston of the brewing group towards the nozzles of the Magnifica and from there to the cup.

Extraction valve
Extraction valve

My Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker has low water pressure

To achieve proper coffee extraction, the water pressure should exit 15 bars from the pump and reach the coffee puck with around 9 bars. If there’s any obstruction anywhere in the circuit, this pressure will drop, and the coffee won’t be extracted correctly if it manages to be extracted.

The problem: Gradually, the quality of the coffee has been deteriorating, and the coffee flow has significantly diminished, as if the coffee maker lacks sufficient force, causing a decrease in water pressure and even longer coffee preparation times.

The cause: There’s an obstruction in the hydraulic circuit, causing the pump to be incapable of propelling water with the necessary pressure. This obstruction might be found in any of the components discussed in the previous section.

The solution: You must disassemble your Delonghi Magnifica and clean each component until you locate the site of the obstruction. In cases like the infuser cylinder or the brew group, patience will be required, and you should be prepared to find some damaged components.

The main components that become obstructed

Without a doubt, there are two components very prone to becoming obstructed with coffee residue; these are the infuser cylinder and the brew group. Since these two parts are in direct contact with the coffee, it’s normal for obstructions to appear. Here, I will show you how to clean the infuser cylinder; I already explained the process for the brew group in this other article.

How to disassemble the Infuser cylinder

The first step is to remove the infuser cylinder to proceed with its cleaning:

  1. On one side, you need to disconnect the pipe from the thermoblock and the one that goes out to the steam wand (green arrows).
  2. On the other side, release the screws that attach it to the coffee maker’s chassis (red circles)
  3. Finally, detach the wires from the sensors and ground (blue arrows)
How to disassemble the infuser cylinder
How to disassemble the infuser cylinder

How to clean the Infuser cylinder

Once we have removed the infuser cylinder from our DeLonghi Magnifica, we need to separate its components to proceed with their cleaning and replace worn or broken O-rings.

First, you should remove the top cover by unscrewing the two Philips head screws. Then, beneath this cover, there is another screw of the same type that you should remove. Lastly, at the back, there is another screw, in this case, Torx, that, upon removal, will allow you to separate both parts, as shown in the image below:

Disassembling the infuser cylinder
Disassembling the infuser cylinder

After this, you should remove the tube from which the water flows to the coffee. This tube is likely to be highly obstructed, similar to what you see in the image below.

To remove it, you only need to remove an O-ring from the tip and push with the palm of your hand until it comes out. This is pulled out towards the end, where the dark gray cover is.

Completely blocked inner tube
Completely blocked inner tube

Once you have thoroughly cleaned all the parts, reconnect everything as it was, and your DeLonghi Magnifica should be as good as new.

Descale your Delonghi Magnifica

There are occasions when disassembling the parts, we cannot reach the limescale obstructions, so it is advisable to perform a descaling.

Required materials:

  • Descaling product recommended by the manufacturer (it’s suggested to use the DeLonghi brand during the warranty period).
  • Clean water.
  • Container with a capacity of at least 1.5 liters of water.

Steps to follow:

  1. Ensure you have the descaling product that DeLonghi (EcoDecalk) recommends, especially during the warranty period, to avoid voiding it using another product. After the warranty period, you can even use white vinegar.
  2. You’ll find instructions behind the label on the descaling product bottle. Read the instructions and precautions before starting. The half-liter bottle is enough for 5 descalings.
  3. Remove the water reservoir from the coffee machine and pour “a portion” of the descaling product into the reservoir (use the lines on the label as a guide).
  4. Fill the reservoir with clean water up to the usual level you use for making coffee. Remember that the descaling product can stain, so handle the liquid cautiously.
  5. Hold the descaling button for about 5 seconds until it lights up in red. Also, the 3 lights at the top should illuminate, and they will start flashing slowly.
  6. Place a container under the steam wand and turn the knob to the left. This will start the process, and the 3 lights at the top will turn off.
  7. Once the process has started, the machine will begin dispensing the descaling liquid through the steam wand. This may take around 15 minutes, during which the machine will make various noises and stops.
  8. Once the reservoir is emptied, the water shortage light will come on, and the 3 lights at the top will start flashing again progressively.
  9. Close the steam wand knob, and the 3 lights will stop flashing.
  10. Remove the water reservoir, rinse it thoroughly, and fill it with clean water.
  11. Place the water reservoir with clean water back in its place and turn the steam wand knob again to flush the internal circuit.
  12. The machine will dispense clean water through the steam wand. This will help eliminate any descaling residue that might remain in the system.
  13. Once the reservoir is completely empty, the reservoir light will come on again, and the 3 lights at the top will start flashig. However, this time, when you turn the steam wand knob again, the process will have finished.

Remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the user manual and on the descaling product label. This process is essential to maintain the quality of your coffee and extend the lifespan of your coffee machine.

The water pump of my Delonghi Magnifica does not work

The core of a coffee maker is its water pump. Its role is to make water move through all the pipes until it eventually ends up in our cup, transformed into delightful coffee. However, when the pump stays quiet, troubles arise.

The Issue: The DeLonghi Magnifica isn’t brewing coffee anymore. When an attempt is made to brew, no water comes out, and the familiar buzzing noise from inside is absent. Nonetheless, all the machine’s indicator lights appear to be functioning.

Cause 1: After several years of pumping water, the pump might abruptly cease functioning due to wear and tear. A buzzing sound might emanate from the pump upon turning on the coffee maker, yet there’s no vibration.

Cause 2: A vulnerable point in the design of the DeLonghi Magnifica’s pump is its outlet valve. A small drip from this valve might lead to moisture reaching the pump, causing it to malfunction.

Solution: Note down the pump’s specifications and purchase a replacement. Below are some purchase links to spare you from an exhaustive internet search.

Delonghi Magnifica water pump was damaged by dripping water
Delonghi Magnifica water pump was damaged by dripping water

Delonghi Magnifica water pump spare parts

Once you confirm that the pump is the cause of your Magnifica no longer brewing coffee, you must purchase a replacement pump.

Delonghi Magnifica water pump spare part in the US:

Delonghi Magnifica water pump spare part in the UK:

If you are outside the US or UK, type in Google “Delonghi Dedica water pump” and find many online options.

Air in the hydraulic system

The presence of air within the hydraulic system is a far more common problem than we typically realize. While our initial assumption might be that a faulty water pump is causing the issue, there are other potential causes that we can eliminate, and their solutions are relatively simpler.

The problem: The coffee maker has ceased brewing coffee. Upon startup, the machine operates normally, emitting a distinct and loud buzzing sound. However, despite these initial signs of functionality, no coffee is dispensed, and water fails to flow. The water tank light and the three lights adjacent to the power button flash sequentially.

The cause: When air infiltrates the water system, it obstructs the flow of liquid, leading to the machine’s inability to brew coffee. This typically occurs when the reservoir runs dry while the coffee maker operates.

The solution: To address the issue of air in the water system, follow these steps to prime the pump:

  1. Turn on the coffee maker.
  2. Ensure the water tank is filled to an adequate level.
  3. Position a container beneath the steamer nozzle.
  4. Gradually turn the steam knob; water should be released instead of steam. This process expels the trapped air within the water system.
  5. Allow a few seconds for this process, then close the knob.

The machine will be ready to brew coffee again after these steps

The infuser of my Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker is jammed. De’Longhi Bean to Cup coffee makers dose, compact, and extract coffee automatically through an internal infuser (infusion unit). Occasionally, this component may get stuck and stop working.

Issue: After preparing each coffee, the Delonghi Magnifica automatically resets the infuser. However, during this procedure, for some reason, the infuser gets stuck in an unusual position.

Cause: If the power to the coffee maker is interrupted, for any reason, during the machine’s process of readjusting the infuser, it can cause this component not to settle correctly in its place and get stuck in an incorrect position.


  1. If the coffee maker is on, turn it off and unplug it.
  2. With the service door closed and the water tank properly in place, connect the machine to the power source and turn it on using the switch located at the back of the machine.
  3. Once turned on, the coffee maker will automatically attempt to realign itself; wait while this happens.
  4. Next, turn off the machine and wait for this process to complete, as indicated by the lights turning off.
  5. The infuser will now be in its correct position and can be removed if necessary.

Meaning of the lights of the Delonghi Magnifica

Interpreting what the lights on a Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker mean, like other automatic coffee makers, can be tricky, as sometimes they come on steady, sometimes they flash, and sometimes they even flash several lights at once.

What do the lights on the Delonghi Magnifica mean?

Below, I will explain what each light on the Delonghi Magnifica means. We will accompany the simple explanations with real images of the coffee maker in each state.

The water tank indicator light remains steady

Delonghi Magnifica water tank light on steady
Delonghi Magnifica water tank light on steady


  • There is not enough water in the tank.
  • The water tank is improperly placed.
  • The water tank is dirty or obstructed with limescale and other sediments.

The water tank indicator light is flashing

Delonghi Magnifica water tank light flashes
Delonghi Magnifica water tank light flashes


  • The coffee grind is too fine, and the coffee is coming out too slowly.
  • The coffee maker is unable to brew the coffee.
  • The used coffee grounds container light is on.

The indicator light of the coffee grounds container remains steadily lit

Delonghi Magnifica grounds container light on steady
Delonghi Magnifica grounds container light on steady


  • The used coffee grounds container is full or not placed correctly.
  • The indicator light for the used coffee grounds container is flashing.

The indicator light of the coffee grounds container is flashing

Delonghi Magnifica grounds container light flashes
Delonghi Magnifica grounds container light flashes


  • The “pre-ground coffee” option has been selected without adding pre-ground coffee.

Rinsing/decalcification indicator light flashes

Delonghi Magnifica rinse-descaling light flashes
Delonghi Magnifica rinse-descaling light flashes


  • You need to descale the coffee maker.
  • The coffee beans have run out.
  • Something is blocking the coffee grinder.

The first four lights of my Delonghi Magnifica flash alternately

Delonghi Magnifica's first four lights flash alternately
Delonghi Magnifica’s first four lights flash alternately


  • The infuser has not been properly placed after cleaning.

The bean container indicator lights and the general alarm flash alternately

The bean container and general alarm flash alternately
The bean container and general alarm flash alternately


  • The coffee maker has just been turned on.
  • The infuser is not properly positioned.
  • The service door is not properly closed.

The indicator lights of the bean container and the general alarm are flashing at the same time

The bean container and the general alarm flash at the same time
The bean container and the general alarm flash at the same time


  • The pre-ground coffee funnel is blocked.

The general alarm indicator light remains steadily lit

Delonghi Magnifica, the general alarm light is on steady
Delonghi Magnifica, the general alarm light is on steady


  • The infuser has not been inserted after cleaning.
  • The inside of the coffee maker is very dirty.

The general alarm indicator light is flashing

Delonghi Magnifica, the general alarm light flashes
Delonghi Magnifica, the general alarm light flashes


  • The service door is open.

One-cup, two-cup, and steam indicator lights are flashing

Delonghi Magnifica 3 lights flashing
Delonghi Magnifica 3 lights flashing


  • The coffee maker has been turned on with the steam wand activated.
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