Delonghi troubleshooting

After having written many articles about the different problems that affect Delonghi makers, today I bring you this definitive guide that will help you identify the specific problem of your Delonghi and the quickest and easiest solution.

Delonghi mainly manufactures espresso, super-automatic, and drip coffee makers, but they make not only their coffee makers but also pod coffee makers for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. Although in this guide, we will only look at the problems of coffee makers designed and marketed by and for Delonghi.

Useful information on Delonghi makers breakdowns

Before even considering fixing a Delonghi coffee maker yourself, you should know that the Italian brand offers a minimum 2-year warranty on all its coffee makers, no matter where you bought it, if you keep the purchase receipt. But before contacting Delonghi, during the first 15-30 days, you should contact the seller of the coffee maker (if different from Delonghi) to proceed with the return.

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The 5 most common problems in Delonghi coffee machines

Before I leave you with links to articles created specifically for each type of appliance, I would like to list the 5 main faults we can face with a Delonghi coffee maker.

All the problems we see below will be easy to solve if you have minimum electricity knowledge and the right tools. This way, we can save a lot of money by avoiding taking the coffee maker to repair.

Problem 1. Delonghi coffee maker does not turn on

This is a common fault for all coffee makers, not just the Delonghi brand. When a coffee maker does not turn on, i.e., no light illuminates, and no sound is produced, it means that the control board of the coffee maker is not being powered.

Delonghi makers protect against overheating through these small thermal fuses next to the thermoblock or boiler. When the thermal fuse blows, it opens the circuit to protect the user, preventing any operation from being performed.

To check if this is the fault of your coffee maker, unplug the machine from the mains, disassemble the casings and look for the thermal fuse. Once you locate it, check for continuity and buy a replacement if there is no continuity. You can see how to do it in this video:

Important: Please note that there was a cause for the coffee maker to overheat, and the thermal fuse blew. If you replace it and it blows again, you must look for a fault in the thermostat of the coffee maker or the control board.

Problem 2. Delonghi maker leaks water from underneath

Although this is not a problem unique to Delonghi coffee makers, over the years that I have been repairing coffee makers, it seems that Delonghi coffee makers are predisposed to suffer some water leakage at some point in their service life.

If you try to brew a coffee and you start to see water under the coffee maker (but this only happens when you brew coffee), the fault is at the outlet of the pump, not the inlet. With this said, we can now rule out the whole area of the reservoir, the flow meter, and the pipes that connect them to the pump.

To find the fault, you must disassemble the outer casings and observe the inside of the coffee maker while preparing a coffee. Normally the fault will be in a worn O-ring or a broken plastic valve.

Connector of the 3-way valve Delonghi Dedica
Connector of the 3-way valve Delonghi Dedica

Important: Besides the abovementioned parts, Delonghi espresso coffee makers usually leak water through the coffee group and super-automatic coffee makers through the brew unit.

3-way connector Delonghi Dedica
3-way connector Delonghi Dedica

Problem 3. Delonghi maker brews coffee without pressure

99% of new Delonghi coffee makers that lack pressure when brewing coffee has no technical fault. It almost always has to do with the coffee you are using or the grind applied, so if you are using a newly purchased coffee maker, check these two aspects before thinking something is broken.

However, if your coffee maker has been brewing coffee at the correct pressure for a long time and suddenly starts to fail, this situation is completely different.

If the machine pours some water (no matter how little), you should perform one or more descaling operations, as limescale may be blocking your Delonghi’s internal pipes or pump. But, if you have already descaled or ruled out that possibility because you have performed regular descaling, you are probably facing a water pump malfunction problem.

You must write down the pump specifications that your coffee maker uses and buy a replacement. Fortunately, Delonghi coffee makers use common vibratory pumps that are easy and inexpensive.

NOTE: If you are confident, you can disassemble the pump as I did in the picture below. If you do, clean each component well and reassemble it, as that might be enough.

Disassembly of a water pump
Disassembly of a water pump
ULKA EP5 230 V 48 W pump
ULKA EP5 230 V 48 W pump

Problem 4. Delonghi coffee maker does not heat up

The Thermoblock is in charge of heating the water in Delonghi coffee makers. However, this device is rarely responsible for the temperature problems in the final coffee.

The first cause of the lack of temperature is usually the accumulation of limescale.

Both the thermoblock and the internal pipes of your Delonghi tend to build up limescale. The thermoblock consists of a very narrow coil through which the water circulates and heats up as it passes.

When this coil begins to accumulate limescale, it creates an insulating layer that does not allow the water to reach the correct temperature. To avoid this, perform regular descaling and avoid breakdowns; you will enjoy a better coffee.

The second most likely cause of the lack of temperature is the thermostat.

This small device is normally integrated into the thermoblock, and if it breaks down or malfunctions, it will prevent the thermoblock from reaching the correct working temperature.

Opening the coffee maker to check the thermostat should give continuity when the brewer is off, and the thermoblock is cold. Normally Delonghi coffee makers send a warning through their lights when the thermostat fails.

There are some tips you can follow to get a hotter coffee:

  • Most Delonghi coffee makers allow you to adjust the extraction temperature through their settings, as we saw in the case of the Delonghi Dedica here.
  • Before serving coffee, pour just water to preheat your Delonghi’s cup and coffee spout.
  • Use the cup warming tray, which most Delonghi’s have.

Problem 5. Delonghi maker does not brew coffee

We must distinguish this problem from the first one on the list, where we said the Delonghi did not turn on. When a Delonghi coffee maker does not brew coffee but turns on the lights and makes noises, it can be due to different reasons.

  • The most obvious reason is the bad connection of the water tank. I know it may seem silly, but you would be surprised how many times I have been asked to repair a Delonghi in good condition but with a bad water tank.
  • The second reason is blockages, both because of limescale and dirt. Any particles that fall into the tank will circulate throughout the interior of the coffee maker and can clog valves and pipes. A decalcification could free any clogging. Otherwise, you should visually check the pipes (with the casings removed).
  • Many Delonghi coffee makers do not brew coffee because the water is being diverted elsewhere. Sometimes the water returns to the tank when the overpressure valve acts (possible clogging), and in other cases, the water ends up in the grounds drawer or drip tray.
  • Finally, we could be facing a failure of the control board or a sensor that inhibits the coffee maker from brewing. This type of failure is more difficult to determine, and the replacement of electronic components is usually more expensive.

Delonghi espresso machines troubleshooting

Delonghi has been manufacturing high-quality espresso coffee makers for years. However, these coffee makers are not exempt from presenting problems from time to time. Among the best-known Delonghi models are the Stilosa, the Icona, the Scultura, the Dedica, and the La Specialista.

Despite being very different models, they all suffer from similar problems, which fortunately have easy solutions. I have created articles for each problem of the Dedica and La Specialista models. Use these articles for the rest of the models.

IssueDedicaLa Specialista
Not brewing / Not turning onSolutionSolution
Water pressureSolutionSolution
Water leakingSolutionSolution
The steam wand is not workingSolutionSolution
Meaning of the flashing lightsSolutionSolution
How to change settingsSolution
How to descaleSolution

As I repair more coffee makers, I will add more troubleshooting solutions to the table. Anyway, it is good for you to review the above problems if you have a Delonghi espresso machine.

Official descaler for Delonghi
Official descaler for Delonghi

Delonghi super-automatic makers troubleshooting

Delonghi has a wide variety of super-automatic coffee makers and several versions of each model. The most well-known is the PrimaDonna, the Perfecta, the Dinamica, the Maestosa, the Eletta, and the Magnifica.

As in the previous section, all Delonghi super-automatic coffee makers are similar, so we have chosen two models to write about. In this case, they are the Magnifica and the Eletta.

Coffee tastes badSolution
Water pressureSolution
Water leakingSolutionSolution
The steam wand is not workingSolution
Meaning of the flashing lightsSolution
How to change settings
Grinder / infuserSolutionSolution
Very noisySolution

As I fix more Delonghi super-automatic coffee makers, I will add new troubleshooting solutions to this table. Even if your coffee maker’s problem is not listed above, it is good to look at those to see if that information helps you.

Delonghi drip makers troubleshooting

Although the Delonghi electric drip coffee makers do not have the fame and success of the previous ones, it is also worth studying the problems that affect this type of machine.

In this case, I have created an article discussing the problems that affect them in-depth. Check all the problems here.

User manuals for DeLonghi makers

In the button below, you will find all manuals for Delonghi coffee makers. They are classified by type of coffee maker to make it easier to locate the one you need.

Where to find spare parts for Delonghi makers

Here are some stores where you can find most of the spare parts you need to repair your Delonghi coffee maker. But think that you will not need spare parts in most situations, but a descaling or a small adjustment.

Spare parts for Delonghi coffee makers in the US:

Spare parts for Delonghi coffee makers in the UK: