How much power does a Nespresso machine use?

In today’s era, where energy saving is more relevant than ever, it’s essential to understand how much electricity our appliances consume. Nespresso machines, popular for their convenience and coffee quality, also stand out for their energy efficiency. Although it’s not always easy to find detailed information about their electrical consumption, we can estimate it based on their power and usual usage time.

It’s surprising to discover that the daily use of a Nespresso machine barely exceeds 10 kWh per year, representing a minimal annual energy cost of just $1,20 to $1,70, having an almost insignificant impact on our electricity bill.

Calculation of the electrical consumption of a Nespresso machine

Electrical power: Nespresso machines vary in power, from about 1200W to 1700W, depending on the specific model.

Preparation time: Generally, it takes about 60 seconds to prepare a coffee in a Nespresso, including the water heating time from a cold state.

Breakdown of energy consumption:

  • Per coffee:
    • Usage time: About 60 seconds (0.01667h).
    • Energy consumed: 1.500W (Vertuo Next) x 0.01667h = 25 Wh, equivalent to 0.025 kWh.
  • Annual (365 coffees):
    • Total consumption: 9.12 kWh.
    • Estimated cost (at $0.1629/kWh in the US*): $1.49 per year.

*The average residential electricity price in the U.S. was 16.29 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) on 16/12/2023.

Important Note on energy saving: It is recommended to turn off the Nespresso coffee machine after use to minimize residual energy consumption.

Components that consume energy in a Nespresso

Nespresso machines feature several key components responsible for energy consumption. Below, we explore these components and their impact on total energy consumption.

  • Thermoblock: The most energy-consuming element, with a power that varies between 1200 and 1700W depending on the model. It activates to heat the water to the optimal temperature for coffee preparation.
  • Water pump: Although it consumes much less energy than the thermoblock, pushing water through the coffee capsule is essential for the preparation process.
  • Control board and electronic components: Include sensors and circuits that regulate coffee preparation, with lower energy consumption but vital for the operation of the coffee machine.

These components, working together, define the total energy consumption of a Nespresso coffee machine and its efficiency in coffee preparation.

Do all Nespresso models consume the same amount of energy?

Similarities and differences in design: Although Nespresso coffee maker models vary in their exterior design and features, many share similar energy efficiency. This is due to the consistent technology Nespresso employs in their machines, ensuring optimal and energy-efficient operation.

Comparison of electrical power among models: Below is a table showing the power of the most popular Nespresso models, illustrating the differences in electrical consumption between them:

Essenza Mini13107.911.28
Nespresso U12607.671.25
Gran Maestria170010.341.68
Nespresso KitchenAid13007.911.29
Vertuo Next15009.131.49
Vertuo Plus13007.911.29
Vertuo Evoluo13508.211.34
Vertuo Line15009.131.49
Vertuo Plus Deluxe13007.911.29
Maximum electrical power and annual consumption (365 coffees) of each Nespresso coffee machine model


Based on the research conducted for this article, several interesting conclusions can be drawn about Nespresso coffee machines:

  1. The electrical cost of a Nespresso coffee machine is relatively low, around $1,50 per year. This cost is negligible compared to the expense of coffee pods.
  2. Different Nespresso models have comparable energy consumption due to shared components.
  3. Turning off the coffee machine when not in use is advisable to save on residual energy consumption.

Frequently asked questions about the electrical consumption of a Nespresso

How much energy does a Nespresso coffee machine consume per year?

The annual consumption of a Nespresso coffee machine is surprisingly low, barely exceeding 10 kWh per year, which represents a minimal annual energy cost of approximately $1,19 to $1,69.

How is the electrical consumption of a Nespresso coffee machine calculated?

Nespresso coffee machines vary in power, from approximately 1200W to 1700W, and generally require between 45 and 60 seconds to prepare a coffee. The annual energy consumption will depend on the frequency of use and the specific model.

Which components of a Nespresso consume the most energy?

The thermoblock is the component that consumes the most energy, varying between 1200 and 1700W, depending on the model. The water pump and control board have much lower energy consumption but are vital for the operation of the coffee machine.

Do all Nespresso models consume the same amount of energy?

Although the models vary in design and features, most share similar energy efficiency due to the consistent Nespresso technology in their machines.

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