Lavazza machine button lights and their modes

Lavazza machines are renowned for their robustness and durability, rarely encountering issues. Nevertheless, even the most reliable machines can occasionally present minor inconveniences, indicated through flashing light codes since there’s no display on the machine.

Lavazza has many models; not all information I provide will apply to every model. Therefore, it’s recommended to download the manual for the Lavazza model you use for further support.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to identify each mode of your Lavazza coffee machine by interpreting the light codes on its brewing buttons. The various modes can indicate when the machine is ready to brew coffee, when there’s no water in the tank or even when there’s a fault in the system.

Decoding flashing light patterns on Lavazza machines

In the following sections, I’ll outline each possibility you may encounter when using a Lavazza coffee machine. By familiarizing yourself with these scenarios, you won’t panic when you see flashing lights and will know exactly what steps to take.

⚫ No light comes on

In the event that the power button suddenly goes off (on models with two buttons, only one goes off) after using the coffee machine, it could indicate that the machine is blocked. To address this issue, unplug the coffee machine and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. If the problem persists, there might be a fault.

If you have plugged in the machine and pressed the on/brew button, but no light appears, and the control board is not receiving power, there may be an issue with the power supply circuit to the control board. You must disassemble the coffee maker and inspect the circuit to identify the fault.

For a similar coffee machine issue, refer to my other article, “My Dolce Gusto coffee machine does not turn on,” which outlines the steps for troubleshooting any coffee machine with this issue.

⚪ The power light (coffee brew) flashes white

For single-button models like the Tiny or Jolie, the brew button flashes white during thermoblock heating and coffee brewing. The flashing is slow and lasts approximately 20 seconds during heating and a maximum of 90 seconds while brewing.

On two-button models such as the Jolie Plus, Voicy, or SMEG, both brewing buttons will flash slowly during thermoblock heating. However, only the pressed button will flash during coffee brewing, while the other button remains off.

Note: If one of the buttons on a two-button model is flashing white and the other is steady, the machine is out of water. In this situation, the machine will attempt to brew coffee five times before stopping.

⚪ The power light (coffee brew) flashes white (very fast)

If you notice that your Lavazza coffee machine’s power (brew) light is flashing rapidly, it’s not heating or brewing coffee. Instead, this typically indicates one of the following issues, depending on the model:

  • For single-button models, the water tank may be empty or not correctly positioned.
  • For two-button models, the coffee pod tray may be full, which can occur after brewing 5 or 6 coffees, depending on the specific model.

⚪ Power light (coffee brew) steady white

When the power light on your Lavazza coffee machine is a steady white, the machine is ready to brew coffee. The thermoblock is hot and functioning correctly, and no errors or malfunctions are present.

🔴 The power light (coffee brew) flashes red

If the power light on your Lavazza coffee machine is flashing red, this is a warning that the machine is experiencing a malfunction or fault and will not be able to brew coffee. The red light may also appear if the temperature is below four °C, above 40°C, or the humidity is above 95%.

To troubleshoot this issue, start by disconnecting the machine from the mains and waiting a few minutes before plugging it back in. If the problem persists, there is likely a faulty machine, and you can refer to the Lavazza troubleshooting guide for further assistance.

🟠 ⚫ Espresso light flashing orange and lungo light off

When the espresso light on a two-button Lavazza coffee machine flashes orange and the lungo light is off, it indicates a fault and prevents coffee preparation.

This colour code usually appears with a descaling warning. To identify the possible faults with your Lavazza coffee machine, refer to the troubleshooting guide provided in the link above.

⚪ 🟠 The espresso light flashes white, and the lungo light flashes orange

The Lavazza requires descaling when the espresso light flashes white, and the lungo light flashes orange.

To start the descaling process, press both buttons together for 10 seconds. Remember that descaling is not mandatory for all Lavazza models and is at the user’s discretion when to perform it.

Descaling process lighting:

🟠 ⚪ The espresso light flashes orange, and the lungo light flashes white

Preheating for descaling is in progress.

🟠 The espresso light is steady orange

When the heating process is completed, the light of the orange espresso button will come on for descaling. Only pressing this button starts the process.

🟠 The espresso light flashes orange

The descaling process has started.

🟠 ⚪ The espresso light flashes steady orange, and the lungo light flashes steady white

The descaling process is completed.

🟠 The espresso light flashes orange

Once the descaling process has been completed, pressing the espresso button again starts flashing, and the rinsing process begins.

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