My Tassimo maker is leaking water

Unfortunately, water leaks are so frequent in Tassimo coffee makers that we have become accustomed to them. We usually attribute these water leaks to when the coffee maker has used them. However, this type of breakdown in Tassimo can be avoided in most cases if the machine is cleaned frequently and maintained regularly.

But if you have reached this article, it means that reading about how to prevent water leaks will not help you; most likely, your Tassimo coffee maker already has them. If the drip tray is not overflowing and the water tank is in good condition, it could be that your coffee maker is leaking from the head (coffee pod holder) or the base of the machine.

Water leakage from the head of the Tassimo maker

The head’s water loss is a common leak in Tassimo coffee makers. Still, we cannot confuse it with the steam that usually comes out after each coffee preparation since it is a case of the coffee coming out of the sides of the nozzle and even overflowing through the pod holder. The two causes of this type of leakage are the following:

The first cause: When the nozzle is not properly cleaned, coffee and milk residues accumulate inside the nozzle and end up clogging it. While it is true that the nozzle orifice is large and leads us to think that it is difficult to clog, it is also true that Tassimo coffee makers are very prone to this problem. Below, you can see in the image a completely clogged nozzle:

Dirt in the spout of the Tassimo coffee machine
Dirt in the spout of the Tassimo coffee machine

The first solution: First, completely disassemble the coffee maker’s nozzle so it can be cleaned with soap and water, removing all the coffee and milk residues it may have. This will be enough to make the leak disappear.

The second cause: If the clogging of the nozzle remains for a long time, it consolidates, and water leakage may appear in the pipe that feeds the nozzle since an overpressure is produced that may loosen the rubber gaskets that join the pipe.

The feed pipe to the nozzle deteriorates
The feed pipe to the nozzle deteriorates

The second solution: Start by cleaning the nozzle very well, then disassemble the head of the coffee maker and locate the damaged rubber gasket so that you can replace it with a new one.

Water leaking from the base of the Tassimo maker

When the coffee maker leaks water from the base, a slightly more serious malfunction may be related to a damaged rubber tube, a broken plastic part, or a disconnected valve.

In any case, you should check, in the same order, each of the following parts: water tank connection, flow meter, plastic hoses, heating element, and water pump. Below, we will detail how to check each part in order.

1. Water tank connection

Where the base of the coffee maker connects to the water tank, there is a small rubber gasket that, over time, can become worn or damaged. Start by checking that this gasket is still in good condition, as well as the internal valve of the water tank.

A water leak resulting from a damaged rubber gasket or a bad tank valve can be easily located because it occurs even when the brewer is not running. When one of these two parts fails, you must replace the damaged one with a new one.

2. Flowmeter

A rubber ring is also susceptible to damage located inside the flow meter. If this ring breaks, it will cause drips every time the Tassimo works. You should disassemble the flow meter to ensure the seal is in good condition.

To open the flow meter, you must separate the rubber hoses and turn the upper part of the flow meter a quarter-turn counterclockwise. Once this part is removed, clean it very well and check the rubber gasket. You must get a new flow meter and replace it if it is damaged or worn.

3. Plastic pipes (broken, cut, or loose)

Water leaks due to cuts and breaks in the rubber tubes inside the machine are classic problems with Tassimo coffee makers. Usually, these tubes are not of the best quality, and with the sudden changes in temperature inside the coffee maker, cuts can occur in the joints with the thermoblock and other parts.

The solution to this problem is to identify the pipe in bad condition and repair the affected part; for this, you will have to disassemble the coffee maker; since the problems usually occur in the connections, in very few cases, it will be necessary to replace the entire pipe.

4. Thermoblock

Although it is not so common, the thermoblock cracks at some point and the cause of this may be similar to that of the previous section; sudden temperature changes tend to damage the metal from which the thermoblock is made.

Another cause of cracks, in addition to temperature changes, is the excess lime accumulated inside the boiler, which causes the thermoblock to rust and crack. One more reason to understand the importance of descaling the machine regularly.

The bad news is that if your thermoblock is cracked, there will be no other solution than to buy a new one and replace the damaged one; this is one of the most expensive spare parts for Tassimo coffee machines.

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5. Water pump

The water pump is not left out of the most common leakage points in Tassimo coffee machines. These machines come from the factory without any plastic tie at the outlet of the pump so that the pressure can easily escape if it increases too much.

In the following image, you can see that there is no plastic tie installed at the pump outlet but the pump inlet.

Lack of plastic tie at the outlet of the Tassimo pump
Lack of plastic tie at the outlet of the Tassimo pump


If you want to prevent your Tassimo coffee maker from leaking water, regardless of age, you must use it correctly, clean it regularly and perform routine maintenance, including descaling.

But if your coffee maker already has leaks, follow the recommendations we made in this guide because repairing them can be very simple. Locate very well the place where the leak occurs and repair or replace the component that is causing the leak.

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