The coffee pod is stuck in Dolce Gusto

If a coffee pod gets stuck inside a Dolce Gusto machine, it can lead to more severe secondary issues. The injector may remain lodged in the coffee pod, risking breakage or bending of the nozzle needle during pod removal.

Forgetting to remove the coffee pod after brewing can lead to the injector getting stuck in the coffee grounds, making it impossible to open the pod holder. This issue may arise if the machine is not used for several hours, allowing the wet coffee grounds to dry with the injector inside the pod.

Additionally, the pod can swell from pressure, significantly increasing in size and becoming immovable. Avoid forcing the pod holder in these situations, as this can break or bend the injector.

Dried coffee grounds can cause the coffee pod to stick to the pod holder

If you’ve already tried removing the pod from the pod holder with slight movements, but it’s still stuck, try starting the machine as if you were going to brew a cup. Place a container under the outlet nozzle and let water flow through the injector and the pod. This will soften the dried coffee residue, allowing the needle to move freely.

After this step, gently try to lift the lever to open the pod holder again. If it’s still impossible, repeat the previous process as often as necessary. Eventually, the pod should be released. Remember to remove the used pod after each brewing session. For more details, you can check the issue in this video:

The coffee pod is stuck because the lever is in the coffee brewing position

In a manual Dolce Gusto coffee maker, the activation lever might be slightly engaged, preventing the lid of the pod holder from opening. To remove the pod holder, turn the lever to the central position. This will allow you to proceed. For more information, check this video:

The pod is stuck because it is deformed

This issue often occurs with compatible pods; if the bottom of the pod is bent, it can move and rotate out of place. This misalignment causes the pod to jam against the nozzle, leading to entanglement. The coffee machine will not allow lifting the pod holder lid when the pod is stuck.

To resolve this issue, remove the water tank and drip tray, then turn the coffee maker upside down. In this position, use a rigid but thin utensil to push the pod downwards and realign it gently. After rearranging the pod, you should be able to open the pod holder lid.

Push the pod with a screw driver
Push the pod with a screwdriver
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