What are the symbols of Dolce Gusto pods?

Coffee pod makers enjoy great popularity today thanks to their efficiency, the high quality of the coffee they prepare, and the simplicity with which they work. In many cases, as with Dolce Gusto coffee makers, we have piping hot coffee in seconds with the push of a single button.

And although Dolce Gusto coffee makers are becoming increasingly simple, the user should know details about both the machine and the pods used. It is necessary to understand the difference between a ristretto, espresso, lungo, or americano and how to adjust the brewing volume with the selector lever according to the pod used.

What is the meaning of the symbols on Dolce Gusto pods?

When we look at a Dolce Gusto pod, we see different symbols, numbers, and letters inscribed on the upper part. Although a priori this may seem trivial, it is very important to understand what they mean to avoid reaching the wrong conclusions and ruining our coffee.

In the image below, you can see a pod of Americano coffee, where we have marked four areas:

Symbols of a Dolce Gusto pod
Symbols of a Dolce Gusto pod

Dolce Gusto manufacturer and brand

The first thing we see on a Dolce Gusto pod is the brand itself in the center: “Nescafé Dolce Gusto”. With this, we understand that who manufactures our Dolce Gusto pods is Nescafé, a company that belongs to the Nestlé group.


The type of beverage and the color of the pod

At the bottom of the pod, we see the type of beverage we can prepare with each pod, which also coincides with the plastic color; in the case of the americano, the plastic is red. For example, the latte will be blue, and the cappuccino pods will be green.

It is important to understand that with an Americano pod, you can only prepare an Americano coffee, not espresso or a different one. This is because the grind and the grams of coffee inside the pod vary from one type of pod to another.

And although you must respect the type of beverage each pod is for, you can slightly vary the amount of water in a bar or at most in two.

The volume of the drink

On the left side of the pod, we can see 7 bars indicating the amount volume of the beverage for which the pod is designed must-have. In the case of the image above, we see that it indicates that the americano should be prepared by selecting the seventh bar in our Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

Normally espressos mark only one or at most two bars, depending on the variety of the beverage. But it is very important to select the correct amount, or the final result will not be as tasty as it should be.

The production line

I have saved my favorite symbol for last, the small number appearing to the pod’s right. I have read in some blogs that this number refers to the intensity of the coffee. And I ask myself, according to the following image, how can it be explained that there are six different intensities in the same box of coffee?

I contacted Dolce Gusto to ask what these numbers, which go from 1 to 6 and are randomly distributed on each box, meant. The answer I got is that they have to do with the manufacturing process, and in no case is the information directed to the user.

Where is the coffee strength indicated on the Dolce Gusto pods?

Dolce Gusto indicates the intensity of its coffee on the outside of the box, where the pods come. Along with this level of intensity, we find information on the type of roast, flavor, notes of the coffee, expiration date of the pods, and nutritional and business information.

The intensity scale of the Dolce Gusto pods goes from 4 to 12, in steps of two levels:

  • Light roast: intensity 4-6
  • Medium roast: Intensity 7-9
  • Dark roast: Intensity 10-12

We will write another article very soon to discuss the type of coffee beans, roast, and intensity Dolce Gusto uses in its pods.

Written by Pablo Barrantes Nevado
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