How many grams are in a coffee pod?

How many grams are in a coffee pod

Do all coffee pods look the same to you? They do, but they are not. There are different sizes and shapes, sometimes even different materials, between coffee pods formats. Many people wonder exactly how many grams of coffee a pod contains. The answer is neither unique nor the same in all cases. First, we must …

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Do Dolce Gusto coffee pods taste bad?

Do Dolce Gusto coffee pods taste bad

A reader recently asked me why Dolce Gusto coffee pods taste so bad. At first, I thought I would give him a quick and simple answer; your coffee machine is probably calcified! However, then I started to think about the number of reasons why these coffee pods might taste bad and decided to put together …

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What are the symbols of Dolce Gusto pods?

Symbols of a Dolce Gusto pod

Coffee pod makers enjoy great popularity today thanks to their efficiency, the high quality of the coffee they prepare, and the simplicity with which they work. In many cases, as with Dolce Gusto coffee makers, we have piping hot coffee in seconds with the push of a single button. And although Dolce Gusto coffee makers …

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Do coffee pods expire?

Do coffee pods expire

If you have expired coffee pods at home and do not know what to do with them, I can tell you that you do not have to throw them directly into the trash. However, it is important that before using them, you check a few things to make sure that their flavor and aroma have …

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Dolce Gusto compatible pods: are they worth it?

Compatible vs Original

The majority of users who want to buy Dolce Gusto compatible pods instead of the original ones is due to one of these factors: If you want to save money on coffee, increase the quality and expand the variety available, you should change your preparation method and not look for compatible coffee pods. You should …

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Compatible Tassimo pods, is there an alternative?

Resultados de la explosión de una cápsula rellenable

has been a few years since the much-desired Tassimo refillable pods appeared on the market. We can say that these pods are a commercial version of what so many users used to do at home by reusing pods. It is no longer necessary to cut or pierce a used pod. The theory of how these …

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How to use coffee pods without a machine

Como usar capsulas sin cafetera

Why would anyone want to prepare coffee with coffee pods without a machine? Although some people have told me this proposal is crazy, many others have thanked me for the ideas I propose to take advantage of coffee pods without a machine. The main reasons for making coffee pods without a coffee machine are as …

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What are ESE coffee pads?

Monodosis de café ESE

Coffee is a very popular beverage worldwide, and for many of us, it is indispensable to start the day with energy. However, preparing coffee with an espresso machine can be complicated and tedious, especially if we do it several times a day. ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods are small pads of ground and pressed coffee …

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Can compatible pods damage the coffee machine?

Resultados de la explosión de una cápsula rellenable

In theory, the use of compatible pods should not affect the operation of the coffee machine. However, in practice, it happens all too often that, when inserting a compatible pod, excessive force is required to close the pod holder or injector group, depending on the make and model of the coffee maker. On many occasions, …

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4 Reasons to stop buying coffee pods

400 cápsulas de café

For years, pod coffee makers were a perfect choice due to their convenience and speed. However, as a conscious consumer and coffee lover, I have discovered that this method is no longer the best option. My decision to stop using coffee pod machines and switch to specialty coffee beans through a subscription has been driven …

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Lavazza compatible pods: A wise choice or a mistake?

Cápsulas compatibles Lavazza

Despite the popularity of Lavazza coffee machines, the shortage and high cost of their original coffee pods push many consumers towards third-party compatible pod options. But are these alternatives worth it? What I’m about to reveal might surprise you and change your perspective. This article delves into the quality and performance of these compatible pods, …

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Dolce Gusto – Nespresso adapter

The size difference between Dolce Gusto and Nespresso pods

It might seem silly that someone with a Dolce Gusto coffee maker would want to use Nespresso pods, or someone with a Nespresso coffee maker might consider using Dolce Gusto pods. Both coffee pod systems belong to the same corporate group (Nestlé) but make pods with totally different flavors. Nespresso specializes in espressos, while Dolce …

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